Well. I usually don’t like make fan arts, but I found this Instagram challenge very interesting.
Sixfanarts works with your followers proposing a character and the artist have to make his/her view of the 6 first characters. The most interestinf of this challenge is you don’t have option to choice, you must have that your followers says.

My followers request the following characters:

  1. Escanor (from «The Seven Deadly Sins«).
  2. Skelletor (from «He-Man«).
  3. Elric of Melnibone.
  4. Judge Dredd.
  5. Ragnar Löthbrok (from «Vikings«) in his last season.
  6. The Phantom of the Paradise.

You can check it visiting my account @ignacioochoa_illustration or enjoy the challenge with the hastag #sinxfanarts.

© Copyright 2020 Ignacio Ochoa for the illustrations and the owners of his respective characters