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About me


I’m Ignacio Ochoa a Spanish freelance  children books and commercial illustrator, specialized in watercolor.

I was born in Zaragoza (Spain) in 1977.
I draw since I was child. I did comic-books in my notebooks. I only know draw so I decided study arts.

I studied the Illustration grade at the Arts & Crafts School of Zaragoza between 1998 and 2000. One of my best things of my life (the other is my wife).

I started as comic-book artist, publishing in some national fanzines and some titles at BURZ Cómics publisher.

Visiting a book store I discovered a new kind of children books illustrations and stories (very different than my boring and not stimulating childhood books).
So I decided to dedicate my carrer to children books and commercial illustration.
I published books for Spanish and French publishing and press houses (You can look them in «Books»). I work for  different advertising agencies, institutions and companies for youth and childhood campaigns (Please, visit my «Portfolio»).

Sometimes I miss make comic-books. Maybe One day I’ll do.

Artists that inspire me

Enki Bilal, Shaun Tan, Rebeca Deutremer and my friends.

My favorite things

Favorite childrenbook: «Soy el Aire» (I’m the wind) (J.L. García Sánchez, M.A. Pacheco and Miguel Calatayud).
Favorite book: «El círculo de los mentirosos» (Jean-Claude Carrière).
Favorite movie: «Blade runner» (Ridley Scott).
Favorite pet: My dog.
Favorite toy: Playmobil (I collect them).