October, 2010 (currently)

Colección «Cabezudos»

Writer: Míchel Suñén.
Illustrator: Ignacio Ochoa.
Publisher: Editorial DELSAN (Spanish text).
Size: Hard cover. 36 pages. Color. 19 x 22 cm.

With the subtitle of «…La Historia jamás contada» (‘…The untold story’) this is series of fictional biographies about the characters of the “Gigantes y Cabezudos de Zaragoza” group. A traditional parade for kids in the festivities in Saragossa (Spain).
Each book is dedicated for one character telling his life from his childhood until the moment of joining the troupe.
«El Morico. La Historia jamás contada» was the first title of this collection.

© Copyright 2009 Míchel Suñén, Ignacio Ochoa & Editorial DELSAN.